BDLN is the name that seals the creative encounter between Betina De Luca and Leo Neves. Since 2016, Betina and Leo have come together with the blessings of their love of art and Brazilianness to create a type of fashion that celebrates both of these things. What was supposed to be a collab between authors ended up revealing the complementarity not only of the pieces, but also of the way of creating and making things happen.

BDLN is synonymous with handcrafted fashion, made with care, authenticity, and the desire to translate our exuberant DNA into pieces free from trends, time or final destination.

There is always something spiritually Carioca in all of the brand’s creations – as if it were the watermark of someone who lives with his eyes on the sea and his feet in the sand. But each collection is an invitation to travel through different places, times, other realities. A free pass through the map and through time for the many women who live within us.

Among the brand’s many bold ventures, perhaps the biggest one is creating clothes and accessories that make you dream, perfect for circulating in the coolest and most diverse environments: Jamaica, Bali, Mexico, India. Sertão, boardwalk, circus – all these places spotted by geography and poetry are translated into unique pieces, recognized by the exquisite cut and finish. Handmade embroidery, prints designed as art. Slow national fashion, beautiful by nature, original with great pride.